Blank Book Concept

Unfortunately, I can remember back to the late 60’s and early 70’s when blank books were all the rage as gag gifts. Printed on faux leather in gold, they were the size of a large hardback book and were usually titled “Everything I Know About …” with the blank being filled in with anything from their professional to SEX. With my father being in the speciality advertising business, I saw plenty of these.

When this assignment was given I had a couple of chuckles over it. First, was from the distant memory of the blank books of my youth. The second, is that while I would love to be a published author, this is not exactly the way I envisioned my first book coming about. However, this has given me some insight on how to create a cover when the time comes.

First, step was to come up with a premise for a blank book. blankbook2



sketches for blank book

sketches for blank book

I went with the idea of “surviving” a teenage daughter. I am not sure I really did. I think I just existed during those years.  In designing my cover, I took a picture of my youngest and then of myself and did some ‘playing’ in Photoshop on them.

Caitlan at Jefferson Memorial 4-6-04 IMG_1098_2

The picture of my daughter is one of the rare pictures she actually has let me take of her.  I usually have to use her older sister as my ‘model’.  And for myself, I had her take a picture of me (hated that).

I then selected us out of the background and copied to a transparent screen.  I then used the Poster Edges filter on each of us to make it look cartoonish.  I then copied that image and used a liquify filter and mask on one to create the particles exploding off.  On the other copy I used a mask and masked out particles.  Believe me, as a mother, you feel you are coming to pieces half the time.  I sat us in an adversarial position to each other so it looked like we were fighting.  Her expression gives than impression.  But actually she was fighting me taking a picture, but we were in Washington, D.C. for the day so she could do a report on Thomas Jefferson (we are related by marriage to him).  At that time we lived in Raleigh and I was with the airlines, so I flew both daughters up to Washington for the day.  She made 100 on the project.


So this is what my cover turned out to be.  I used a bright orange to attract attention on the shelf (being in the library all the time helps with that).

Then came the back cover…


The font I used are all in the Arial family.  Arial Black for the title, Arial Italic for my name and then Arial for everything else.  I am pleased with the outcome on my end for the book cover.  We shall see what my instructor says.


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